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The Pizza Oven Shop Groceries (Ingredients for pizza)

A few weeks back we launched The Pizza Oven Shop Groceries, something that as a team we’ve worked really hard to bring you, to ensure you have access to top quality ingredients at a fair and reasonable price. One of the main rationales behind ‘Groceries’ was that there’s so many products on the market, some good, some bad, and to be completely honest, some terrible! So, we’ve put everything in one place, so you can really make the most of your pizza oven, without sacrificing on quality ingredients! So, without further ado, let’s dive into what’s in store.

Ready made pizza dough Sourdough Balls

GBOF Sourdough Balls: Shop Now

Sometimes life just calls for pizza. But when the pizza cravings start, do you really want to start making dough from scratch? Just because you’re not making homemade dough, doesn’t mean you should compromise on flavour and texture. That’s where our Great Balls of Flour Dough Balls come in!

Unlike other dough balls that claim to be sourdough, these dough balls are made with only natural yeast. They give a beautiful aerated rise, and deliver the deep, rich, nutty flavour that’s synonymous with sourdough.

Gluten Free Dough Balls

Gluten Free Dough Balls: Shop Now

Why should there be a compromise for having a gluten intolerance? Okay, gluten free dough balls are never going to have the same taste and texture as standard dough, but these come

pretty damn close! These dough balls are easy to shape and produce a crisp base as well. In terms of taste, we actually did a blind taste test on some of the team’s children, and the pizzas were gone in a matter of seconds. What more praise could we give them?!

Mutti Pizza Sauce

Mutti Aromatic Pizza Sauce: Shop Now

Yes, it’s easy to make, but when time is of the essence, having a tin of authentic tomato pizza sauce ready to go can only be a good thing. And this sauce from Mutti of Parma is the best of the best.

Mutti Pizza Sauce with Spices (Salsa per Pizza Aromatizzata) is a rich combination of 100% Italian sun-ripened tomatoes blended with traditional ingredients – aromatic basil, oregano, and onion. Delicious!

Caputo Flour

Caputo Pizzeria Flour ’00’: Shop Now

We always encourage you to make your own dough if you’re having a pizza party and truly want to impress your guests. Not only is it fun to make, you’ll also have the bragging rights amongst your friends when you tell them you’ve made the dough from scratch! The best dough requires the best flour, and this Caputo Pizzeria Flour ’00’ is certainly that.

“00” flour has a very fine texture, which means it has a low protein content. The low protein content results in a smoother, more elastic dough, which is ideal for making pizza with a thin, tender, and crisp crust. The fine texture also allows the dough to develop gluten more slowly, making it easier to work with.

Captuo Dry Yeast

Caputo Dry Yeast: Shop Now

Just as the best dough requires the best flour, yeast also plays a huge part. Mulino Caputo’s dry yeast is of a 100% Italian Saccharomyces Cerevisiae type from exclusively Italian molasses: it has a high fermentative power and is ideal for making soft doughs with an incomparable taste.

High-quality yeast is more reliable and consistent in its activity. This means that you can better predict and control the fermentation process, leading to consistent results in terms of dough rise and texture. Inconsistent yeast can result in uneven dough fermentation, leading to unevenly textured crusts.

Adding Flavour

When it comes to adding flavour to your pizza, you can’t beat a bit of sweetness and spice! That’s why we stock JD’s Hot Honey Original and JD’s Chilli Flakes. JD’s Hot Honey Original: Shop Now

JD’s Hot Honey is a new chilli infused honey, delivering a blend of sweet and floral honey infused with a hot red jalapeño kick. Perfect for those who love sweet and spicy flavours, and pairs really well with meat such as chicken. Simply drizzle over your cooked pizza once you’ve taken it out of the oven.

JD's Hot Aleppo Chilli Flakes


JD’s Hot Aleppo Chilli Flakes: Shop Now

One for those who can take a bit of heat! These ruby red flakes offer a mild to medium heat that doesn’t overpower the ingredients of your pizza.

Instead, they offer a rich and fruity taste that brings to mind the flavours of smoky, sun-dried tomatoes.

Luxury Pizza Gift Box

Did someone say Gift Boxes? Shop now

With Christmas just around the corner (at the time of writing!), what better present for a pizza fanatic than our Luxury Pizza Gift Box? The best thing is, we’re sure that you’ll be first on the guest list of whoever you buy this for, when they next host a pizza party! The Luxury Pizza Gift Box includes the following:

  • 2x Caputo Pizzeria Wheat Soft Wheat Flour Tipo “00” (1kg)
  • 2x Mutti Pizza Sauce (400g)
  • 1x Caputo Dry Yeast (100g)
  • 1x JD’s Original Jalapeño Hot Honey (350g)
  • 1x JD’s Hot Flakes Aleppo Chilli (35g)
  • 1x Truffle Guys Signature Truffle Dust (65g)
  • 1x Igneus Pro Dough Cutter


We hope that’s given you a flavour (excuse the pun!) for what our new Groceries section of the shop has to offer. There’s a few more items in the store, so head over now to take a look. We plan to keep adding top quality produce to the store over the next few months, so watch this space for new products and brand partnerships.

Thanks for reading,

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