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5 Must Have Pizza Accessories

Summer is just around the corner which means hopefully we will all be out in the garden making the most of the weather with our pizza ovens! Aside from getting your garden ready to enjoy, we’ve come up with some extra ways you can get the most out of your pizza oven this summer. When it comes to making pizza, some people believe that you only need a pizza oven, and you can make do with the utensils you have at home. We’re here to tell you those people are wrong! So, here’s our 5 must have pizza accessories to level up your pizza making game!
Gozney Pro Placement Peel

Perforated Placement Peel

The best placement peels have perforations designed in them. This is so the flour falls through the holes and aids in the pizza sliding off effortlessly into the oven. One of the downsides of not using a perforated peel, other than sticking dough, is that the excess flour used when stretching the dough can burn on the base of the pizza. Resulting in an acrid taste to your finished pizza.

Traditionally, pizza peels used to be constructed from wood which is often heavier and far more difficult to manoeuvre. Here at the Pizza Oven Shop we provide stainless steel and anodised aluminium placement pizza peels from a range of brands such as Gozney, Igneus and Ooni either individually or as part of a range of accessory bundles. You can find our range of placement peels here, but read on to discover what else you can find in our accessory bundles…

Ooni Pizza Turning Peel

Turning Peel

Turning pizza peels are ideal for turning a pizza around in a tight space, something which is incredibly difficult if using a placement peel to turn your pizza, especially in a smaller portable pizza oven. Round and small in diameter, turning peels are ideal for quickly reaching into turn a pizza cooking in high temperatures. As all of our pizza ovens cook at over 400°C, a turning peel is a must for safety reasons, but also to help ensure the finished pizza is the best quality it possibly can be.

Pizzas cook in as little as 60 seconds at these high temperatures, so having the ability to effortlessly turn the pizza as it cooks, ensures you don’t have one edge burnt and the other edge undercooked. Also made with stainless steel, your accessories can blend into any colour décor making it a must have addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Igneus Infrared Digital Thermometer

Infrared Digital Thermometer

Depending on whether your pizza oven is wood or gas fired, your pizza oven can typically expect to exceed 350°C as an absolute minimum. More often, pizza ovens can reach temperature capacities of 500°C and over. Because of this extreme level of heat, many of our pizza ovens have inbuilt thermometers for you to measure the internal air temperature of the oven. For our more precise pizza aficionados, we don’t like to leave anything to chance. Introducing the infrared digital thermometer!

No longer will you have to worry about whether your pizza oven is ready to perfectly cook your pizza as you can simply point the gun towards the pizza oven and pull the trigger. We find this works best by pointing the laser at the pizza stone rather than the oven itself. This will advise you on whether you need to crank up the fuel and give your pizza oven longer to heat, particularly where wood fired pizza ovens are concerned. Nobody loves pizzas with a soggy bottom! As the digital thermometer can detect heat ranges between -50°C to 750°C you will know precisely the right time to launch your prepared pizza. This can be measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your preference.

Igneus 3 part cast iron pan set

Cast Iron Pan Set

You may find yourself wondering why we’re advertising a cast iron pan set as a pizza accessory… but that’s because they cook so much more than pizzas! We want you to make the most out of your pizza oven and that means cooking something other than pizza in it! Cast iron pans are perfect as they’re built to withstand and retain high heat! These pans are more intended for larger outside pizza ovens, but the range of what you can cook with them is almost limitless!

The 3 parts consist of a large casserole dish with a lid as well as a ridged skillet pan. The casserole dish is of course, perfect for anything casserole, curry or pot roast related. When not in use, the lid can be used as a frying pan for eggs or pancakes! The skillet pan is perfect for sizzling up steaks, burgers, fish or even vegetables! Check out the range here.

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Pizza Topping Station

Looking to entertain family and friends by hosting a pizza party this summer? You can look like a true pizzeria chef with your own pizza topping stations! Allow guests to choose and sprinkle their toppings from your own Ooni Pizza topping station. Containing two medium size tubs of 1.6L and four smaller tubs at 0.8L you can separate your sauces and toppings with ease. If you are cooking for the whole family this allows you to locate your ingredients in a convenient and accessible manner.

The Ooni pizza topping station comes with clear lids so you can keep the toppings fresh and sit down to enjoy your pizza faster rather than taking everything back to the kitchen or worrying about cleaning down. The station is highly portable and perfect for outdoor pizza making on the move, at a weight of just 3.9kg. You can find your new pizza topping station here.

Expert Advice

How many of our accessories do you have for your pizza oven so far? We would love to see you using them! You can tag us with your pizzeria creations using our handles here and keep up to date on all of our offers and sales! If you require any assistance purchasing accessories or by getting started with your own pizza oven, you can contact us on 01423 608648, visit us in store or Shop here.