Shopping for a pizza oven can be daunting…

But we are here to help! For those thinking about getting a pizza oven, Carlisle locally doesn’t have many options. All of the ovens that we stock are from the best brands available and can be delivered to you in Carlisle.

The brands we sell all will cook pizza in 60-90 seconds and can also cook, meats, vegetables, fish, breads and more… We have ovens the cook using multiple fuels, gas and wood. Choose from ovens for home or professional use.

Our pizza ovens will change the way you cook! Cook more than pizza: meats, vegetables, fish, curries and much more…

Make wonderful stone baked pizzas in a matter of minutes for your friends and family! These pizza ovens are such a great way to eat / entertain at the same time. Let them roll and cook their very own pizza…. whilst you sit back and relax! Our website should give you all the information you need to know about using and owning a high quality pizza oven from the

Order your oven now for delivery to your Carlisle home.

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