When looking for a pizza oven UK pizza oven enthusiasts are very often met by a barrage of information (and mis-information) when browsing online.

Here at the Pizza Oven Shop, we keep things simple and we aim to offer impartial, expert advice on a wide range of high quality Pizza Ovens. Our carefully selected range of ovens offers everything from lightweight, portable ovens to more permanent, stylish wood or gas fired ovens, which will become a beautiful fixture in your garden.

We have a wide selection of wood fired and gas fired pizza ovens which range from cooking just one stone baked pizza at a time, up to larger ovens which will cook four pizzas at the same time (as well as many other things such as roasting meats and baking bread). This means that you can select the most appropriate oven for your catering needs, be it just for you, or for all of your family and friends as well.

Our most popular ranges are Ooni, Igneus, and Clementi, however the stylish Delivita and Mila refractory ranges are becoming more and more popular with discerning customers looking for a stylish solution for their garden.

We have searched the globe to bring you what we believe to be the best quality pizza ovens on the market for all budgets and requirements

We are based in the UK, in North Yorkshire. A small family run business that wants to offer the very best for our customers. We are all about service, no question or issue is too small for us to deal with. We are a mere phone call away, to assist you in any queries. We carry most ovens in stock, so there is very limited time to wait on most orders, so that you will not be waiting for long to get your oven and start cooking!



We stock a variety of brands

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