Igneus Classico in Aubergine with Trolley Stand
When looking for a pizza oven UK pizza oven enthusiasts are very often met by a barrage of information (and mis-information) when browsing online.

Here at the Pizza Oven Shop, we keep things simple and we aim to offer impartial, expert advice on a wide range of high quality Pizza Ovens. Our carefully selected range of ovens offers everything from lightweight, portable ovens to more permanent, stylish wood or gas fired ovens, which will become a beautiful fixture in your garden.

We have a wide selection of wood fired and gas fired pizza ovens which range from cooking just one stone baked pizza at a time, up to larger ovens which will cook four pizzas at the same time (as well as many other things such as roasting meats and baking bread). This means that you can select the most appropriate oven for your catering needs, be it just for you, or for all of your family and friends as well.

Our most popular ranges are Ooni, Igneus, and Clementi, however the stylish Delivita and Mila refractory ranges are becoming more and more popular with discerning customers looking for a stylish solution for their garden.

We have searched the globe to bring you what we believe to be the best quality pizza ovens on the market for all budgets and requirements

We are based in the UK, in North Yorkshire. A small family run business that wants to offer the very best for our customers. We are all about service, no question or issue is too small for us to deal with. We are a mere phone call away, to assist you in any queries. We carry most ovens in stock, so there is very limited time to wait on most orders, so that you will not be waiting for long to get your oven and start cooking!


Ooni 3

The ever popular Uuni 3 is a good budget option for you pizza aficionados, a wood-pellet fired oven that is up to heat in 10 minutes and cooks pizza in 60 seconds. Lightweight and portable, the Ooni is great for using in the garden and also for taking with you on holiday, or to a friends house. Starting from £199 the Ooni is a great budget or gift option.

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Uuni 3 pizza oven
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The Igneus Range

The high quality Igneus range offers exceptional value for money and comes in three oven sizes, to suit almost all needs:

The Igneus Minimo is totally portable and will cook a wide variety of foods for only £325.

The Igneus Bambino is our smallest garden oven and is extremely versatile at only £579

The Igneus Classico is by far our most popular oven combining size and performance for just £679

The build quality and performance of the Igneus range of ovens, is, in our opinion unrivalled in its price range. These stainless-steel and powder coated Aluminium wood fired ovens are lightweight enough to move around, and to store away in the winter. However, with the the marine-grade canvas cover, the oven is more than capable of being outside for 12 months of the year.

With a heat up time of around 10-15 minutes (500c) Igneus ovens are ready to cook on very quickly indeed. cooking up to 2 pizzas at the same time, and with a pizza cooking in around 60 seconds, Igneus ovens can cope with gatherings both large and small, regardless of what you’re planning to cook.

Igneus pizza oven range

The Clementi Range

The Clementi range of ovens offers outstanding quality at an amazing price, cooking from one to five pizzas at a time.

With almost 45 years of Italian heritage, the Clementi range offers a premium build quality wood or gas fired oven for a very reasonable price. We find that the most popular size is the 80×60 (Family or Pulcinella), this is a 4-pizza oven and gets up to 500c in 20-25 minutes. The Pulcinella/Family range of ovens has a built-in air flow system which draws air in from beneath the oven into the cooking chamber of the oven allowing the flame to spread equally across the ceiling of the oven, meaning that the oven will perform brilliantly with the door on, or off.

Clementi Pulcinella 80x60 Copper
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The Mila 60 Range

The striking Mila 60 wood fired oven range combines a refractory based oven with current technology to produce an remarkable wood fired oven which will look stylish in any garden setting.

Made from the highest quality materials, the Mila 60 wood fired oven has a 600mm circular internal cooking area and a 70mm refractory oven wall and floor, high grade insulation and the ability to set the door beyond the chimney making it a superb choice for baking bread and slow roasting meats, as well as cooking superb, crispy Italian style pizza.

With the Mila wood fired oven range, there are four options available, Pre-built with stand Pre-built on tray, which can be easily bolted to an existing surface such as an outdoor kitchen worktop. If you fancy a project the Mila 60 range is also available as a DIY kit with fibreglass shell, or a DIY kit which you render or clad in brick or stone for example.

These superb options mean that you have the choice of buying a pre-built oven, or taking on a project knowing the materials are professionally manufactured and building it yourself in just one hour!

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Mila wood fired pizza oven in copper


The Delevita portable pizza oven has been inspired by the traditional Roman style ovens, yet it features the most modern manufacturing techniques. Designed in Yorkshire, this stunning pizza oven will be a real statement piece in your garden, with its clean, simple lines and four beautiful colour options, the Delivita will embodies style and sophistication.

Capable of cooking an authentic tasting, crispy wood-fired pizza in around 90 seconds, the Delivita is far more than just a pizza oven, as it will cook steak, fish, garlic prawns and much more.

Designed for table-top use, this beautiful pizza oven measures 590mm x 590mm, it will easily cook one 12″ pizza at a time. The internal wall of the oven is clay lined, just as the traditional Roman ovens so you’ll need to cure the clay before using it for food, the clay is insulated with a modern thermal blanket, then protected by a thick fibreglass exterior shell in one of four beautiful colours. The cooking floor of the oven is one-piece solid engineered stone, but it is raised to prevent heat transfer from oven to table top. The mouth of the Delivita pizza oven is one-piece stainless steel, which is easy to clean and very hygienic.

Perfect for use on table tops or custom-built stands on balconies, or in gardens, the Delivita pizza oven also has a stylish range of custom-made accessories which are also available to buy in our shop.

Delivita pizza oven
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