Choosing the right pizza peel

How to choose the right Pizza Peel for the Job

Choosing the right pizza peel for your specific pizza oven can sometimes be an afterthought, or not even a consideration at all! Pizza peels not only allow you to easily slide the pizza in and out of your oven, but they also make turning the pizza during cooking easy and safe. They also prevent the pizza from sticking to the stone or being accidentally burned while trying to remove it.

They’re also useful to actually stretch the dough on, as well as top your pizza. However, there are many types of pizza peels, from a huge range of brands. So knowing which ones you need, and which is right for your oven can be a bit of a minefield. We’ve put together a list of the different types of peels from a range of brands and how they can improve your pizza making! Let’s dive in.

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Launching Peels

Launching peels usually have perforations in them. This is so any excess flour falls through the holes as you slide the uncooked pizza into the oven. The excess flour being allowed to fall away from the pizza ensures it doesn’t burn and therefore take on too much of a carbonised taste, which can often be quite bitter.

The holes also promote better airflow.  This means that the steam can release from the pizza when you retrieve it from the oven. Resulting in a perfectly crispy crust.

Gozney Dome Turning Peel accessory
Turning Peels

Turning pizza peels are ideal for, turning a pizza around in a tight space. Ideal if you have a smaller portable pizza oven. Round and small in diameter, turning peels are ideal for reaching into the oven and quickly rotating the pizza ensuring you achieve consistent leopard spotting all around your dough. Whilst keeping the temperature of the oven as optimal as possible.

This Turning Peel by Roccbox fits perfectly below a partially cooked dough base so you can gently turn your pizza dough in your pizza oven. With a head of 170mm in diameter, you ensure your pizza will not slip off as its 320mm handle keeps your hand safe from the flames.

Igneus Pro 12 inch Pizza Peels
Perforated Pizza Peels

As mentioned above, launching peels often have perforations on the paddle. This allows excess flour and moisture to escape. This results in a golden pizza surface with a crunchy crust that you can just sink your teeth into. Falling into the perforated category, this Igneus 14” Peel is a professional grade, lightweight peel for the placement of dough into and out of your pizza oven.

Made from anodised aluminium 14″ chamfered blade. This peel is designed exactly the same as larger, commercial use pizza peels. Coming in at 120cm in length. It’s ideal for use not only in larger family pizza ovens, but also in the Igneus Pro and Igneus Ceramiko ovens for example.

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Wooden Pizza Peels

Wooden pizza peels have long been a staple in traditional pizzerias, recreating the classic craftsmanship of traditional pizzerias. These peels are expertly made from high-quality hardwood. Such as beech or maple, ensuring exceptional durability and heat resistance. With their long handles and wide, flat paddles, they make sliding pizzas into and out of the oven a breeze.

One of the main benefits of wooden pizza peels is that the dough doesn’t stick to the peel as much as other materials. You need less flour/semolina to make the pizza easily slide off the peel.

One of the negatives of wooden peels is they require more maintenance. They can also have a tendency to warp or crack if exposed to too much moisture or heat. Although wooden peels are a good tool for launching the pizza into the oven. They tend to be thicker and less nimble than metal peels they’re not very effective in retrieving the pizza back out of the oven.

Igneus 12 inch standard pizza peel
Stainless Steel Pizza Peels

If you’re seeking a balance of durability and low maintenance, look no further than stainless steel pizza peels. These peels are constructed using high-quality stainless steel. Renowned for its strength and resistance to corrosion. The sleek, polished surface ensures easy pizza transfer and quick clean-up. With their lightweight nature and excellent manoeuvrability, stainless steel peels are perfect for both home and commercial use. If you’re not sure which to choose or are looking for a good all round pizza peel, Igneus has two sizes of Stainless Steel Pizza Peels available. The short handled peel at 69 cm in length is perfect for a portable pizza oven such as the Bambino or Minimo, due to its smaller size. The medium peel handle at 85 cm long is recommended for larger ovens.

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Aluminium Pizza Peels

For those who prefer lightweight and manoeuvrable peels, why not opt for a crafted durable aluminium pizza peel. Ensuring excellent heat conductivity and reliability. The smooth surface and thin design make it easy to slide under pizzas. Providing effortless handling. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional pizzaiolo, aluminium peels offer the versatility and performance you need to turn out the perfect pizza every time.

This Igneus Elite Accessory Bundle features two peels made from anodised aluminium in the form of a 14 inch perforated peel and a 120cm turning peel! These are ideal for larger pizza ovens or commercial use and are even accompanied by a 120cm brush and rake for easy cleaning.

So, which peel is right for you?

Here at The Pizza Oven Shop, we recommend having two peels, a placement/retrieving peel and a turning peel to make pizza movability as easy as stress free as possible!

We have a whole range of pizza peels with and without accessory bundles from the leading names of pizza ovens. Shop more here. If you are still stuck, our dedicated customer service team is here to help. Contact us today on 01423 608648 or use our contact form.