Gozney Dome wood rack pizza oven accessories

New Gozney Dome Wood Rack | Available Now!

Elevate your wood fire up above the Gozney Dome oven floor. This wood rack allows air from the ashtray vent to explore every angle of your fire and produces an even flame across the oven to improve performance when cooking with wood.

Minimises debris from the wood fire to make your food infused with wood-fired flavour but easy and mess-free at the same time.

The Gozney Dome wood rack is designed to supercharge your wood flame by increasing the oxygen getting to the fire. It makes it easy to keep the fire neat and maximize floor space.

  • Infuse your cooking with wood flavour
  • Improve performance of your wood fire
  • Made from 304 stainless steel

How to use the Gozney Dome Wood Rack

  1. Place the rack into the back corner of the dome so it’s pressed up against the walls of the oven and fully covering the ash shoot.
  2. Build a stack of kindling on the wood rack with a natural firelighter at the base. Light the fire lighter and wait for the fire to establish itself.
  3. Continue to add wood to the fire to bring the oven up to the desired temperature. Avoid overfeeding the fire, flames should never come out the mouth of the Dome.
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