Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door

New In! Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door

Turn your Dome into a bread oven or slow roaster with the Gozney Dome Door

Built from ceramic coated 304 steel and double walled for extra heat retention, the Gozney Dome door makes it easy to control the temperature, amount of smoke or steam in the oven with its easy-slide adjustable vent.

  • Compatible with: Gozney Dome Only
  • Essential accessory: Yes
  • Materials: Ceramic coated 304 steel
Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door
Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door
Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door - accessory

Adjustable Vent

One key aspect of the Rope Sealed Door is its efficient temperature control mechanism. The door, equipped with an easy-slide adjustable vent. Allowing you to fine-tune the temperature inside the oven, providing precise control over your cooking process. This feature is particularly valuable when baking, smoking, or slow roasting, where maintaining a specific temperature is crucial for achieving the desired results.

Controls steam & smoke

Moreover, the rope sealing around the door contributes not only to the overall insulation of the Dome but also plays a crucial role in controlling the amount of smoke and steam within the oven. This contribution is essential for achieving the perfect balance of flavours in smoked or steam-infused dishes. The dense insulation, combined with the rope-sealed door, creates an ideal cooking environment for prolonged cooking sessions. Ensuring that your food consistently cooks to perfection.

Compatible with Dome & Dome S1

The Rope Sealed Door enhances its versatility by being compatible with both the Dome and Dome S1 models. This compatibility allows you to enjoy its benefits regardless of the specific model you own. However, it is important to note the safety precautions outlined in the product description, particularly regarding the installation of the door. To ensure safety, it emphasizes that you should not install the door while the gas burner is lit. Prior to installation, you must extinguish the gas flame and ensure that the gas dial is in the off position.

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Gozney Dome Rope Sealed Door

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