Gozney roccbox vs gozney arc xl

Gozney Arc vs Gozney Roccbox

Gozney keeps surpassing itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pizza ovens. The newest innovation in the Gozney range, the Arc and Arc XL is impressive in terms of its technology. Including its lateral gas burner which recreates a traditional wood-fired rolling flame. Creating the perfect balance of high performance, precise control, and unparalleled consistent heat. Well before the introduction of the Arc and Arc XL though was the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven which allowed you to take Gozney with you anywhere with its lightweight and smart design.

Since the launch of the Arc, one of the most common questions we get asked is around the comparison between the two models and whether it’s worth the extra investment needed to opt for the Arc. So, here the key considerations you need to make when choosing between the Arc and Roccbox.

Gozney Arc XL gas pizza oven

Cooking capability

The Arc and Roccbox are fairly matched when it comes to cooking time and temperature capability. The Arc, Arc XL and Roccbox are all capable of reaching the optimum cooking temperature for pizza of 450°C. But in terms of capacity there are some differences. The Roccbox weighs in at 20kg, making it more portable but is limited to just a 12” pizza cooking capacity.

At 3kg more, the Arc cooks a 14” pizza in the same time frame and not much difference in terms of where you can take it to. Although it has to be said that the Roccbox pizza oven is specifically designed to be super portable. Predictably as a larger oven and weighing 26.5kg, the Arc XL is capable of cooking a 16” pizza. In terms of cooking capacity, the Arc takes the crown.

Gozney Roccbox Wood Burner 2.0


A distinct advantage for the Roccbox is its dual fuel option. The Roccbox is unique in its rolling flame can be set to wood fired mode when you purchase a detachable wood burner. This allows you to choose the convenience of gas or the authentic taste of wood fired pizza.

On the other hand, the Arc and Arc XL are gas fired only. A lateral gas flame using only propane has also been designed to replicate the flame of a wood fired oven. The flame fans out and rolls across the oven’s domed ceiling, almost touching the floor on the other side . Which when paired with the professional ratios of insulation and 20mm thick stone floor ensures an even heat distribution and superior heat consistency. Also, by moving the burner up off the cooking floor you gain a ton of space for easy cooking.

In terms of fuel options, we would say if you place authentic wood fired taste near the top of your wish list, the Roccbox slightly wins. On the grounds of having the detachable wood burner feature. Allowing you to switch between the simplicity of gas and the authenticity of wood-fired cooking.

Gozney Arc Booster Stand


On the Roccbox, the thick stone floor adds to the already impressive insulation. Making it even quicker to come up to temperature. Owing to the smaller cooking capacity present in the Roccbox compared to the Arc and Arc XL, it takes slightly less time to reach optimum cooking temperature. Both ovens have built in thermometers. However the Arc has the added benefit of measuring the actual pizza stone rather than just the ambient oven temperature. Which would otherwise require you purchasing a digital infrared thermometer. The Arc further features a new exhaust, drawing air out of the oven and preventing soot from building up.

Although we’ve mentioned it above, it’s worth reiterating that the standout feature of the Arc and Arc XL is the lateral flame which ‘arcs’ over the roof of the oven. This results in having to turn your pizzas much less often as it creates an even heat distribution across the oven. In terms of features, the Arc just about pips the Roccbox in our opinion.

Gozney Roccbox portable gas pizza oven


The Arc and XL do fall short on the Roccbox in terms of colour availability. The Roccbox pizza oven is available in Black, Grey or Olive compared to Bone for the Arc or Black or Bone for the Arc XL. Still with all of the other features of the Arc and XL, should colour be the deal breaker?

Our Verdict

Although these are both brilliant ovens, overall, we have to choose the Gozney Arc. Especially if you think you’ll use your oven at home the majority of the time. The Roccbox is super lightweight and portable, the Arc you could just about get away with taking to a friend’s garden, but the XL really is designed to stay put. Despite a slightly heavier weight, both the Arc and XL make up for it in terms of cooking capacity and heat distribution. It’s the features that really win it for us! The rolling lateral flame’s ability to mimic a wood fired flame without any of the mess or hassle that comes with using wood as your fuel source. We’re sold!

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