Gozney Dome S1 Gas Pizza Oven Ultimate Bundle

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The Gozney Dome S1 is the stunning new gas only pizza oven. Design to look identical to it’s dual fuel counterpart. The Ultimate Bundle includes: Dome S1 oven, 85cm Igneus accessory bundle, gloves, oven cover & 3x Igneus pans.

  • Colour: Bone 
  • Capacity: 1x 16″ pizza
  • Fuel: Gas (Propane / LPG)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Heat up time: 15-20+ minutes


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The Gozney Dome S1 Pizza Oven is not just any outdoor pizza oven. It stands out as a refined and carefully thought-out version of what is already considered the world’s most meticulously designed outdoor pizza oven. It has been thoughtfully engineered to cater to wide range of users, from those just starting their pizza-making journey to seasoned chefs. One of its standout features is its ability to effortlessly reach temperatures exceeding a scorching 950°F (or 500°C). All thanks to the user-friendly quick start rolling gas flame mechanism.

Fantastic Heat Retention

What truly sets the S1 apart is its incorporation of the same renowned heat retention and cooking prowess that characterizes Gozney’s commercial pizza ovens. This means that you can have complete command over the intense heat it generates. Allowing you to tailor every pizza to your exact preferences. The remarkable synergy of gas power and heat retention ensures that you’re in for an unparalleled pizza-making experience.

Practicality meets efficiency with the Dome S1, as it boasts the capability to cook a 16″ pizza in just 60-80 seconds, making it ideal for those who crave a quick and delicious pizza fix.

Pizza how you like it…

Create pizza your way, your style. From Neapolitan to New York to Detroit, Dome S1 helps you get straight to making amazing pizza at home with intuitive features and quick start rolling gas flame. Control your heat with the turn of dial. Know Dome S1 will get hot and stay hot for every pizza at your pizza party.

Cook more than pizza…

Experience the joy of high temperature cooking. Unlock restaurant-quality for through cooking with fire. Perfectly done steaks with a crust you can only get at high temp. Fish that flakes just right. The possibilities are limitless. Live fire, an open door with a less intense flame can achieve totally different results. Fire up the oven to maximum temperatures and then allow it to drop below 290°C. This creates a slower roasting environment while retaining a unique dry heat. Ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat or fish. Charred on the outside and moist inside.

Fast Heat

Furthermore, this oven boasts an impressive ability to reach the perfect pizza-cooking temperature in a mere 15-20 minutes. Meaning that you won’t have to wait long to indulge in your favourite homemade pizzas. The Gozney Dome S1 truly elevates the outdoor pizza-making experience to a level of precision and ease that will satisfy even the most demanding pizza connoisseurs.

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Gozney Dome S1 Gas Pizza Oven Ultimate Bundle Gozney Dome S1 Gas Pizza Oven Ultimate Bundle
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