Clementi 100×80 Wood Pizza Oven + Toolset

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The Clementi 100×80 is a wood fired pizza oven which allows you to cook five pizzas at once. Made by Italian pizza oven experts – Clementi.

  • Fuel: Wood fired
  • Capacity: 5x pizzas
  • Internal Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm
  • External Dimensions: 112.5 x 104.6 x 120.1 cm
  • Cooking time: 60-120 seconds
  • Heat up time: 30+ minutes (400°C)
  • What’s included: 100×80 Oven, 6 part tool set, Fire Basket & Steel Door
  • Price Match Guarantee
Stainless Steel

Clementi Feet (Set of 4):

Add Stand:

Add Cover:

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The Clementi 100×80 pizza oven incorporates a range of impressive features. These features work in harmony to make this oven a top choice for anyone seeking exceptional wood-fired cooking results.

Air Plus System

The “Air plus system” is a standout feature that plays a pivotal role in its performance. This system delivers a continuous stream of air into the fire, creating a controlled and consistent heat source. The result is a stable cooking environment where you can rely on even temperatures. Which essential for achieving perfect pizzas and other dishes.

High Quality Insulation

The oven’s “high-quality insulation” is another key element that shouldn’t be overlooked. With 8cm of wool-rock insulation and 2.5cm of Skamotec fibre board beneath the bricks on the floor, this insulation not only helps to retain heat efficiently but also ensures that the oven remains well-insulated. This means that you can rely on the Clementi oven’s ability to maintain consistent high temperatures for extended periods, crucial for various cooking techniques.

Built in thermometer

To complement these features, the oven comes equipped with a “built-in thermometer.” This allows you to effortlessly keep track of the oven’s temperature. Enabling you to fine-tune your cooking and achieve precise results. Whether you’re aiming for the perfect pizza crust or searing steaks at the ideal temperature, this thermometer ensures you’re always in control.

Chimney Damper System

For further control over the cooking process, the “damper system” comes into play. By allowing you to adjust the airflow into the oven through the chimney damper system, you can easily regulate the heat and cooking conditions according to your specific culinary requirements.

High Heat

The culmination of these exceptional features results in a fantastic overall performance that sets the Clementi Original pizza oven apart. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional, this oven is an excellent choice. Not only does it excel in terms of performance, but it also adds an aesthetic statement to your garden. With the ability to reach an impressive 400°C in just 15-20 minutes. It offers a quick and efficient cooking experience that’s hard to beat.

Cook more than pizza…

The versatility of the Clementi Family oven is another notable attribute. With this oven, you’re not limited to just pizzas. You can prepare a wide range of dishes, from roast meats, grilled vegetables to  steaks, curries and more. The Clementi Family oven opens up a world of culinary possibilities for both beginners and experienced cooks.

Made in Italy

Lastly, it’s worth emphasizing that the Clementi 80×60 Pizza Oven is proudly “Made in Italy.” This origin is not just a matter of pride; it’s a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Italian craftsmanship and expertise in pizza ovens are renowned worldwide, and this oven lives up to those expectations.

In fact, it excels in this regard, often cooking pizzas to perfection in an astonishingly short time, typically within 60-90 seconds. This is a testament to the heritage and craftsmanship that goes into each Clementi oven, ensuring that it delivers an exceptional culinary experience every time.




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60×60 oven cooks 2 pizzas – 60×80 oven cooks 4 pizzas – 80×100 cooks 5 pizzas

Cooking Time

90-120 seconds (to cook a pizza)

Heating up time

15-20 minutes


There are 3 sizes available to purchase. The following dimensions are the size of the cooking area of the oven.

60x60cm (95kg) – 60x80cm (112kg) – 80x100cm (230kg)


The inside chamber is made from 430 Stainless steel and the roof is made from 304 Stainless steel.


Clementi ovens can withstand atmospheric conditions from rain to snow.

Air Plus System

All of the ovens have unique Air Plus System. This means that there are holes on one side of the oven, these holes allow air to flow into the fire and improves the performance of the cooking process.


8cm of wool-rock + 2.5cm of ceramic fibre + 3cm of more wool-rock lines the roof of the pizza oven.

Fuel options

Wood or Gas (Call us for more info on gas)


2 years from date of purchase

Clementi Feet (Set of 4):

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

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Clementi Oven
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  1. 5 star product but difficult to build. Largest model requires 2 steel poles to insert into pizza oven to lift up and 4 people to lift onto stand base. Poles not included in purchase so had to source separately which was frustrating and not clear in instructions. Watch Clementi YouTube video on how to build!!

    Clementi Oven
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Clementi 100x80 Wood Pizza Oven + Toolset Clementi 100x80 Wood Pizza Oven + Toolset
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