Kamado Joe Half Moon Fish and Vegetable Grate

£99.00£149.00 inc. Vat

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

Tackle delicate, flaky fish, vegetables, and more with this custom Stainless Steel Cooking Surface. The double-thick 304 stainless steel is ultra-smooth and engineered with a unique laser-cut groove pattern to optimize contact area and preserve juices and flavor. This sturdy, innovative cooking surface is less likely to stick to food, making it easy to keep whole fish filets intact, and the slots are specifically sized to prevent vegetables from falling through. The surface provides even heat distribution, while the grooves create perfect grill marks for plating.

  • Ultra-smooth stainless steel cooking grate ideal for delicate foods
  • Unique laser-cut groove pattern to preserve juices and flavoUr
  • Non-stick surface to keep food in tact

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